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20 Essential Items to Pack For Your Next Caravan Holiday

Twenty essential items to pack for your next caravan holiday

Whether you are excited to get out on the road with your first ever caravan, or are looking for more adventures with your trusty motorhome, it is always good to take stock of the items you take with you on your travels.

We have put together a guide of our 20 essential items to pack for your next touring trip.

Towing Mirrors

As it is very unlikely that your car will be wider than your caravan, towing mirrors are vital for giving you the visibility you need when travelling.

Legally you must have mirrors that enable you to see both 4 metres to the side of your caravan and 20 metres behind the driver, and towing mirrors will give you this extra vision.

With a variety of fixings available, check which type will best suit your existing wing mirrors to ensure they remain secure at all times.

Water Carrier and Water Pump

Water is not the easiest of things to transport around, and you will need fresh water in your caravan for washing, cleaning, and toilets (and to pop the kettle on)!

A carrier, like the Aquaroll we stock in our stores, can be filled at the fresh water stations dotted around our parks (simply check the site map for your nearest one) and rolled back to your tourer.

Ensure you also have a water pump (such as the Whale or Truma pumps found in our shops) and the correct size hose to attach the Aquaroll to your caravan's fresh water inlet point for filling up.

Don't forget you can opt for our Super Pitches when booking your pitch, and these all come with Fresh Water.

Pet Supplies

All of our parks are dog-friendly, and it is important to make sure that your pooch has all the essentials it needs for its holiday!

Ensure you have a lead so that your pet is safe and secure when out and about, plus portable water bowls for access to fresh water, and pet towels to dry them off after a soggy walk!

And don't panic if you forget the doggy treats, we have plenty of pet items in our shops to keep your four-legged friend happy.

Llanberis touring park with dog

Waste Water Container

When using the shower or sink in your caravan, waste water needs to be collected in a carrier, like the Wastemaster available in our stores. 

Make sure you have the correct pipe size to connect your carrier to the drain points.

First Aid Kit

You never know what your trip might throw at you, so it is always a good idea to be prepared with a first aid kit for those little emergencies.

This can include plasters, dressings/ bandages, antiseptic cream, paracetamol or ibuprofen and suncream. Feel free to amend this to suit your own individual needs, such as adding your own medicines.

Toilet Chemicals and Disposable Gloves

You can purchase toilet solutions such as Thetford Aqua Kem Blue and Aqua Rinse Concentrate Duo that break down your toilet waste and reduce odours in your toilet cassette. 

A pair of disposable gloves can help make the task of cleaning out toilet waste more bearable!

Hitchlock and Cover

For extra peace of mind, a hitchlock can be fitted that prevents your hitch handle from being raised, making sure your caravan is secure and can't be hitched to another vehicle. An added hitch cover will protect it from the elements.

Electric Hook-up Lead

All of our pitches come with electric hook-up, so an electric hook-up lead is a must to connect to the outlet. We would recommend at least a 25m cable, and to fully unwind the cable before connecting to avoid damaging the cable.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is vital to keep you and your family safe, especially if you are using gas or cooking in and around your motorhome. 

Make sure to check the batteries and test the alarm regularly. 


A great option for increasing the living space on your pitch, awnings can be used as extra sleeping accommodation in our parks (as long as the main outfit is occupied and you do not exceed maximum occupancy). 

Providing shelter from the British showers or shade in the summer, an awning is a fantastic accessory for your trip and an easy way to make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing.

Oxon hall touring park group with awning

Tool Kit

Trips can always be unpredictable, no matter how much we plan, so a tool kit is a handy thing to have in case you need to make any caravan repairs. 

We would recommend packing screwdrivers (flat and Philips), spanners, wrenches, WD40, rags for working under the bonnet, a foot pump and tyre pressure gauge, cable ties and Duck tape to get you started. 

Levelling Blocks and Spirit Level

We aim to make our parks as level as possible, but the countryside setting means that sometimes the ground can be slightly uneven.

To stop your crockery from sliding off the tables, levelling blocks are a great option for adjusting your caravan. Make sure to double-check your angle with a spirit level.

Fire Extinguisher and Blanket

Be prepared for any mishaps with a fire extinguisher and fire blanket for small fires. Remember to be safe and sensible, and to call emergency services if it is too dangerous to attempt handling yourself.


No matter the season, the British weather will always have a few tricks up its sleeve! 

Combat those unexpected showers and pack a waterproof raincoat or jacket, as well as an umbrella and your waterproof boots to avoid any sogginess whilst you enjoy the beautiful surroundings of our parks.

Cutlery and Crockery

Whilst there are plenty of delicious pubs and eateries all in close proximity to our parks, sometimes you may prefer a meal in the comfort of your caravan.

Make sure you can enjoy the scenery at mealtimes without a hitch by packing plenty of cutlery and crockery ready for those home-cooked treats. To avoid breakages, opt for reusable plastic or bamboo plates and bowls.

Toilet and Kitchen Roll

It is never a nice feeling to be caught short, so this one's self-explanatory! 

stanmore hall touring park

Camping Chairs

Each of our parks are located in glorious rural settings, with panoramic views in every direction.

Pull up a seat and soak in the scenery with a camping chair after a busy day exploring. We have many brands available in our stores, such as Quest Elite chairs, which will pair perfectly with your awning!


An easy one to overlook but one that will make the world of difference, don't forget your steps to ensure you can access your caravan with ease!

We have different varieties available in our shops, from foldable, sturdy aluminium ones to strong plastic steps, you can find the type best suited to your travel style and needs.

Spare Fuses and Bulbs

Ideal for both the vehicle itself (such as headlights on a motorhome) and for inside the living quarters, avoid blackouts and have spare fuses and bulbs to hand in case of any that need replacing.

Power Leads and Extension Cables

In the age of technology, we all have a multitude of devices, gadgets and appliances that we take with us.

From ensuring your mobile phone is full of juice to powering up a TV, extension cables will give you all the electricity you need.

This list is by no means exhaustive but hopefully will give you a starting place for making your own packing checklist. 

Don't forget to add everyday items such as bedding and pillows, chargers, saucepans, tin opener, kettle etc! And don't panic if you forget something, we have well stocked stores on all our parks so you can grab anything you might be missing.

Is there an essential item you think we've missed?

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