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We Need Your Help!


The Shropshire Council have made a planning application to construct the Oxon Link Road (Planning Application Ref: 18/03166/EIA) which will pass very close to our Touring Caravan & Holiday Home Park in Shrewsbury and will sever the existing driveway.


The proposed road has been talked about for many years but this time it seems there is a real possibility that it will be built. Unfortunately, the application in its present form will undoubtedly permanently affect the wellbeing/peace and convenience of the park in a major way for the years ahead. We need your help to object to this application.


You can view all details of this planning application on the link below:

Oxon Link Road Planning Application


The three main points which we feel are not being properly addressed are;

  1. Noise protection for the park from the new road.  Presently no sound bunding or fencing is shown on the plans for the area that passes closest to the caravan park but is something that we have very strongly requested, to no avail at this point in time.
  2. No safe control crossing or footbridge to access the Park & Ride, local shops, takeaways and pubs etc. for pedestrians to avoid “taking lives in hands” to cross.
  3. No promise of good free unhindered access to the park at all times whilst the road is under construction and no understanding of how the noise and dust etc. will impact the park during construction.


The three points above are our main concerns but there are many smaller issues that will impact the caravan park in some way. 



Oxon Link Road General Arrangement Sheet 6


We would greatly appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes of your time to fill out the below objection form and return it to the Shropshire Council. Thank you for your help!


Please follow the link below to complete

Oxon Link Road Objection Form


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