Morris Leisure

Touring Caravan and Holiday Home Parks

Site Rules

Morris Leisure aims to provide a relaxed holiday environment and we make as few rules as possible. Those that exist are for the benefit of all our guests and therefore, we ask you to abide by them. Morris Leisure reserves the right to refuse acceptance or to terminate the visit of any persons whose conduct is detrimental to the holiday parks or the comfort of other visitors. No refunds shall be made.

Our policy is to maintain this Park in a natural state without undue interference with nature. Guests are requested to take all sensible precautions and are responsible for their own safety and for the safety and supervision of young children when enjoying our facilities.

  • Please think of others and keep any noise including radios, televisions and so on, at a considerate level. We kindly ask that there is no noise between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Please respect your fellow guests and remember that awnings/tents are no barrier to noise.
  • We ask that all members of your party respect the comfort and convenience of other guests. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated and may result in you being asked to leave the Park.
  • The Park Managers will advise you where your outfit should go in relation to the marker. This is to ensure ample room and privacy for each guest.
  • Only one unit/ accommodation type (caravan, campervan, motorhome, trailer tent, tent or RV) can be accommodated on your pitch.
  • To avoid the spread of fire, there must be at least 6 metres spacing between units and a minimum clear space of 3 metres between adjoining outfits in any direction.
  • The Park must be informed if you intend to leave your outfit unoccupied overnight.
  • The use of cable joiners and or splitters is not permitted, and we highly recommend the hook-up lead should be 25 metres of flexible cable, this will enable you to connect your outfit to the electric hook-up provided.
  • Exceeding the maximum occupancy of your pitch (6 people) is a severe breach of your terms and conditions. Anyone found to have breached this condition will be asked to leave the park and will forfeit any payments made.
  • On pitches with awning space, you can erect an awning. All awnings must be attached to your unit.
  • You may also put up a pup tent (maximum 1m x 1m) for storage purposes only. Please keep these within your pitch area.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any tents, including pup tents or storage tents at Llanberis Touring Park.
  • You can use an awning for extra sleeping accommodation, provided the main outfit is occupied, and the number of people on the pitch does not exceed the maximum occupancy (6 people).
  • If you are located on a grass pitch, please protect the pitch grass by lifting your groundsheets and side flaps of awnings, tents or annexes at frequent intervals or as required by the Park Managers.
  • Gazebos and event shelters are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • You may only empty the contents of chemical closets at the disposal points provided.
  • Please wrap disposable nappies and similar bulky items in a bag and place them in the bin provided. Please don’t put them in the toilets or chemical closet emptying points.
  • If using the park facilities, please leave these in a good condition for other guests.
  • Please collect your wastewater in a suitable container and empty it at the disposal point provided. Please don’t allow it to overflow.
  • In the event of a fire, please make your way safely to the ‘Fire Assembly Point'.
  • Please make sure your electrical equipment complies with all the current British Standards and Regulations.
  • Open fires and fire pits are not permitted on the Park.
  • Controlled BBQs are allowed. We ask that they are raised off the ground enough to reduce fire risk and avoid grass damage; please ask reception for bricks.
  • We welcome a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch.
  • We ask that pets are kept on a secure lead (no more than 2 metres long) when outside and any mess is cleaned up.
  • Please refrain from leaving any dogs unattended in your unit.
  • Unless you have an assistance dog (guide or hearing), dogs are not allowed inside the facilities block, shop or reception.
  • To ensure that property is not damaged, no loose ball games are allowed on or near pitches.
  • All visitors must report to reception and leave the Park before 10:00 pm.
  • Visitors’ vehicles are subject to a £2 per day charge and must park in the car park.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that any visitors observe the site rules.
  • Vehicle speeds should not exceed 10 mph and you should follow the one-way systems at all times.
  • Only one vehicle is permitted on each pitch. All extra vehicles must park in the car park at an additional cost of £2 per day.
  • No commercial vehicles, whether private or business. All vehicles that fall into this category must park in the car park.
  • Please do not drive across the grass unnecessarily. Any damage caused by neglect will incur a charge.
  • The washing of cars and caravans is prohibited on site.
  • Outdoor equipment such as skateboards, scooters, hoverboards and rollerblades are not permitted.
  • Bicycles may be ridden on the Park if used in a safe manner. Please ride on the site roads and not the footpaths or between pitches.
  • No ride on equipment is permitted on-site between the hours of dusk and dawn, as determined by the Site Staff and consideration should be shown to other guests at all times.
  • For safety and privacy reasons, we do not allow the public use of remote-control helicopters, quadcopters or drones at our parks. However, we may occasionally commission trained, insured and licensed professionals to take footage and/or photos of our sites for promotional and/or marketing purposes. In those instances, we will make the park(s) involved aware that the drone operator will be visiting so that guests can be informed. The drone operator will be asked to try not to include identifiable people, but there may be occasions where guests will be asked for their consent to feature in the footage and/or photos.
  • To ensure that property is not damaged whilst on-site, no loose ball games are allowed on or near pitches. Ball games are only permitted in the Children’s play area.
  • Care should be taken to secure all belongings and under no circumstances should valuable items be left in an unattended caravan or awning.
  • Morris Leisure accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles/ caravans, their contents or accessories however caused.