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Eight Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Season for a Caravan Holiday

As the sun begins to shine, the days get longer and colour pops back into nature, spring is a fantastic season to dust off the motorhome and head out on a touring holiday.

We have put together eight reasons why you should choose spring for your next caravan adventure!

eight reasons why spring is the perfect season for a caravan holiday

Here Comes the Sun

After the cold days of winter, by the time spring arrives we are ready for that first sign of sun to warm our faces and entice us away from our scarves and gloves.

Although we can't guarantee there won't be any April showers, the days certainly feel brighter, the weather is warmer and those glimpses of sunshine draw us out into the great outdoors.

With our touring parks located in countryside locations across Shropshire, Herefordshire and North Wales, spring is a wonderful time to get those hiking boots on and find that fresh air and better weather.

Beat the Crowds

April and May are great options for a touring holiday as they tend to be less busy than peak summer months and still offer the chance of decent weather.

This also means that there is sometimes more chance of finding last-minute availability at our parks, so you can jump in the motorhome for a more spontaneous holiday if the weather forecast is looking good!

When discovering the local area, you will find that the crowds in nearby towns and attractions are quieter than they would be in the height of the summer months, giving you more time and the ability to explore to your heart's content.

Ludlow touring park

Make the Most of the Bank Holidays

With half of the year's bank holidays in April and May, spring is the season to maximise those long weekend breaks.

For 2023, Easter falls from the 7th to the 10th of April, followed by Early May bank holiday on the 1st May and the Spring bank holiday on the 29th May.

We also get an extra bank holiday on the 8th of May for the coronation of King Charles III. 

Make sure you book your bank holiday stay as early as you can to avoid disappointment!

Attractions are Open for Business

Some local attractions, particularly outdoor attractions, close their doors over winter and start to re-open again in March and April, just in time for your spring holiday. 

The Snowdon Railway reopens on 1st April, and with their Llanberis station only a mile away from our Llanberis Touring Park, they offer a stunning scenic route up Mount Snowdon for those who don't fancy the hike!

Climb aboard the Sabrina Boat and take a picturesque boat trip along the River Severn in Shrewsbury. Easily accessible by hopping on the park and ride adjacent to our Oxon Hall Touring Park, the boat tours reopen from 1st March.

Or see spring blooms in their full glory at Stockton Bury Gardens, as they reopen from 1st April and are only 8 miles away from our Ludlow Touring Park.

With plenty of local attractions and things to do near our parks, you will be spoilt for choice!

Sabrina Boat

Nature Springs to Life

Mother Nature begins to awaken again after the winter months, with flowers blooming and wildlife springing back into life.

Head to Shrewsbury, the "town of flowers" and sit amongst the glorious flower displays in The Dingle, located in the Quarry Park. Simply hop on the park and ride next door to our Oxon Hall Touring Park and be transported to the heart of this historic town.

Mid-April to early May is the ideal time to spot bluebells in the woodlands. Visit Dudmaston Estate, a National Trust property less than four miles away from our Stanmore Hall Touring Park, and follow "Captain Geoffrey's Estate Walk" for a sweeping view of these colourful flowers.

Take a stroll through the Shropshire Hills, Snowdonia and the Golden Valley in Herefordshire and spot lambs jumping around in the fields, listen to the birdsong as our feathered friends start preparing their nests, and glimpse animals such as hedgehogs and bats emerging from their hibernations.

Maximise Your Day

As the clocks go forward on March 26th we enter British Summer Time, which means that there will be more daylight in the evenings.

With the sun setting later, this gives you more daylight to squeeze as much as possible into your caravan holiday.

Whether you spend that time maximising your exploration of local walks or relaxing outside your caravan to watch the sunset over the picturesque landscape with a refreshing beverage to hand, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the precious lighter hours.

Spot a Peacock Display

If you're staying at our Stanmore Hall Touring Park over spring, keep an eye out for our resident peacocks.

Known for their beautiful feather displays, the best time to see these spectacular feathers is during the spring, as they attempt to impress the peahens. 

If you're staying at Stanmore Hall in spring, you will very likely see the peacocks strutting their stuff and showing off their stunning feathers to our guests!

The park is also home to a gang of ducks, and ducklings will start to appear from mid-March, so keep your eyes peeled for some adorable little fluffy friends around the lake!

Stamnore Hall Touring Park peacock

The Events Calendar Begins

Spring is when the year's events start to get into full swing after the winter hiatus. From festivals, fairs and triathlons, there are a variety of local events scheduled near our parks.

The Ludlow Spring Festival is planned for Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May at Ludlow Rugby Club and will host over 60 food and drinks exhibitors from Ludlow and the Welsh Marches. 

The Severn Valley Railway, close to our Stanmore Hall Touring Park, hosts their Spring Gala from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of April where you can take a journey on a vintage steam train.

If you fancy being transported even further back in time, why not check out the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza from Saturday 29th April to Monday 1st May, only half an hour away from our Riverside Touring Park.

You can see our key local events for 2023 in this blog post.


Why not book your next spring caravan holiday at one of our parks? From stunning Shropshire and enchanting Snowdonia to the glorious Golden Valley, our six award-winning parks are perfect for that spring getaway.

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