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Blind Summit Challenge

Our executive chairman is to climb Mount Snowdon blindfolded to raise money for this year’s adopted charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Andrew Goddard is taking on the big challenge to help us towards our £10,000 fundraising target to pay for the training of a guide dog puppy.

Staff are pulling out all the stops to make fundraising a success, with successful raffles, competitions and a recent charity football match already held.

Andrew is so dedicated to supporting the charity that he is prepared to climb the highest mountain in Wales for the cause. He will not be taking on the challenge alone, however, as the company’s staff and friends are being invited to join him to ensure that he reaches the top in one piece.

Employees will meet at the Llanberis Path car park at 9 am on September 21 and blindfolded Andrew is expected to take between five and seven hours to conquer Snowdon.

“It’s going to be a huge personal challenge, but it should also be a great day for all taking part, as we are raising money for such a worthy cause,” said Andrew.

As a company, we have signed up for one of the Guide Dogs for the Blind’s ‘Learn’ packages, which involves adopting and naming a guide dog puppy and funding its two-year programme of training and development. Unsurprisingly, the name chosen for our adopted guide dog is Morris.

“Our aim is to raise enough money to support Morris on his journey from birth to becoming a fully-fledged guide dog, ready to change the life of a visually impaired person,” added Andrew.

“There are almost two million people in the UK who are living with sight loss, which has a significant impact on their daily lives. Many of these people rarely leave their homes alone, which means they can sometimes lead lonely, isolated lives.

“If our fundraising campaign can help to prevent at least one person from being left out of life, then our year of fundraising will all have been worthwhile.”

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